Doctoral Program

Admission Schedule for Academic Year 2018

Application Period I (for enrollment in September 2018 or April 2019)
Application Period II (for enrollment in April or September 2019)
Application Period III (for enrollment in April or September 2019)

Web Entry System May 15 (Tue)-
May 28 (Mon), 2018
September 11 (Tue)-
September 25 (Tue), 2018
January 8 (Tue) –
January 21 (Mon), 2019
Application period May 22 (Tue)-
May 28 (Mon), 2018
September 18 (Tue)-
September 25 (Tue), 2018
January 15 (Tue)-
January 21 (Mon), 2019
Application from overseas Must arrive by June 1 (Fri), 2018 Must arrive by September 28 (Fri), 2018 Must arrive by January 25 (Fri), 2019
Announcement of
Results of
1st Screening
1:00 pm on
June 11 (Mon), 2018
1:00 pm on
October 9 (Tue), 2018
1:00 pm on
February 4 (Mon), 2019
2nd Screening June 23 (Sat), 2018 October 20 (Sat), 2018 February 16 (Sat) & 17 (Sun), 2019
Announcement of
Results of
2nd Screening
1:00 pm on
June 26 (Tue), 2018
1:00 pm on
October 23 (Tue), 2017
1:00 pm on
February 19 (Tue), 2019

Web Entry for Application Period II

Web Entry for Application Period II will start from 1:00 p.m., September 11 (Tue) , 2018.
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For successful applicants who will enroll in Doctoral Program in Academic Year 2018

*Notes on Admissions Procedures

The deadlines of Admissions Procedures are as follows.
Please ensure that you complete the prescribed procedures by their respective deadlines, as failure to do so will make you ineligible for admission.
For details, please refer to Admissions Application Guide.

For enrollment in September 2018: From July 18 (Wed) to July 26 (Thu), 2018
*Documents submitted from within Japan must be postmarked no later than July 26 (Thu), 2018.
*Documents submitted from outside Japan must arrive by July 26 (Thu), 2018.

Application Timeline

Relation between Entry Examination and Entry Academic Year

Application Forms (Application Period II 2018)

Please print out the documents below, downloaded from the website.

For Applicants submitting applications from within Japan

For Applicants submitting applications from outside Japan

(If you do not have a credit card, please pay via a Yen-denominated International Money Order.)

Preliminary Entrance Qualification Review (Application Period II, 2018)

Admissions Procedures

Following documents for admission procedures will be sent in the mail to successful applicants’ addresses listed in the Application Form.
* Admission Procedures Form
* Certificate of Remittance (of Admission Application Fee, Tuition Fee, etc.)
* Written Oath
* Student Information Card
* Proof of Residence (for Applicant and Guarantor) or Certificate of Information Recorded in Foreign Resident Registration File
* Student’s Photograph Mount
* Certificate of Graduation (Completion) and Academic Transcript (in case you are an applicant who had not yet graduated from a university or have not yet completed a Master’s degree course at the time of application)
* A copy of Notice of Withdrawal (If you are applying for admission to the Master’s Program under Qualification of Applicants 1)

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