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Web Entry System for applying to Graduate School of Media Design

Notes on using the Web Entry System
Please note the following

The Graduate School of Media Design accepts applications one week before each admission period starts. To be officially registered as an applicant, the application forms and all other required documents must be submitted to the Office for New Educational Initiatives, Keio University via postal mail. Since the registration period is limited to one week, please prepare all of the documents in advance to ensure that the application requirements are fulfilled. The applicants must meet the following three conditions to apply on line as the first step:

 1. The applicant must possess a personal e-mail address (a mobile phone mail address is not acceptable).
 2. The applicant must have access to a printer that can print out A4-sized papers.
 3. The applicant must have access to a computer that has Adobe Reader installed.

You can view the application documents that you need to print out by clicking this link Application Forms

Download Adobe Reader™


In order to view PDF files on your computer, you must have a PDF reader program installed. You can download a free reader at Adobe's website:

Online Application Procedure

1. Before applying online, be sure to read the Admission Application Guidelines carefully. Determine which entrance examination you intend to take, its application deadlines, and starting date.

2. Begin your registration process by filling in all the required information on the Web Entry forms. You will be issued an examinee's number when you activate your application process. Please note your examinee's number because you will be asked to enter this number on your application documents later in the process.

3. After you complete the Web Entry forms, print out the Application Form and the Statement of Purpose, and enclose them in the envelope together with the other application documents. If necessary, you can revise the data you entered on the Web Entry form after activating your entry, but please note that the Admissions Office will consider the application documents you submit to the office by postal mail to be the original copies of your application documents. Therefore, be sure to print out your application documents after thoroughly checking that the information you have entered is correct and final.

4. Place all the required application documents, including the Application Form and Statement of Purpose, in a large envelope (folded documents are not acceptable) and send the package by either simple registered express mail or registered express mail if you are applying from within Japan. Overseas applicants should send the package by Express Mail Service (EMS), FedEx, or DHL. The packages must be postmarked by the final date.

Recommended web browsers and versions

- Internet Explorer version 5.5 or later
- Firefox version 1.5 or later

- Safari version 2.0 or later
- Firefox version 1.5 or later

* The entry form may not be displayed properly on browsers with high security settings. Please refer to the system requirements pertaining to cookies and JavaScript settings.