Atsuro UEKI

Atsuro UEKI

Project Senior Assistant Professor

Atsuro Ueki is a designer and a researcher of a field of interaction design. After he got BA in economics of Tokyo University, he majored media design in SFC, Keio. His research theme is a designing of connection between ambient space as a physical environment and atmospheric (imaginable) space as a mental environment as a human-environmental interaction for a daily life. He organized a research group named “Surroundings Project”, and in this group, he developed a breathing lamp, an interactive conference room and so on. They were nominated twice for Japan Media Art Prize and got one Good Design Award.

Field of Research:
Interaction design, Tools and methodology for group innovation

Research Interests:
His current researches are emotional interaction design in a specific environment from interior space to exterior environmental space. He is also engaged into the design of workshop programs and a groupware for group creativity with interactive media environment.

Major Publications:
・Atsuro Ueki, M.I. Facilitating public awareness-the design of information distribution for communication in future workplaces. Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds, 19 (1). 37-47.
・Masa Inakage,Atsuro Ueki,Satoru Tokuhisa,Yuichiro Katsumoto.Designing Ubiquitous Content for Daily Lifestyle. International Journal of Cognitive Informatics and Natural Intelligence, Vol. 5, Issue 1, pp.35-40, October, 2008.
・Masanao Takeyama, Atsuro Ueki, The possibility of value model by social sensing in a city, a journal of Information Processing Society of Japan < special issue sensing network >, Information Processing Society of Japan, pp.1164-1170, September, 2010.

・Atruro Ueki, "Tabby", IVRC 2006, Art Prise.
・Atsuro Ueki, "CREATUREs", Nominated for Japan Media Art Prize 2006 art division.
・Atsuro Ueki, Mihoko Haraguchi, Satoru Tokuhisa, "Tentacula", Asia Digital Art Aard 2007, Interactive Division.
・KAYAC Inc.+ Surroundings Project (Atsuro Ueki), Hirameki Office, Good Design Award 2008
・Atsuro Ueki + KAYAC Inc. , Hirameki Office, Nominated for Japan Media Art Prize.