Real Projects


Let "Network" become a natural extension of the "Real World"

In the Creato! Project, we focus on media contents we use in our daily activity, such as, plain text, pictures, audio and video. It is essential that we acquire a certain level of media literacy to understand and use such content in our social activities using internet technology as a base infrastructure of information sharing. Our project aims to develop "Literacy Free" media content that will work in society in the future with more complex literacy requirements including sharing of activity experience. Our goal is to redesign community and social activities through these media and contents.


- Make the description of identity from the Real World to the Network
- Think in terms of connectivity and routing about the information exchange
- Create united expression architecture of our Real Life Activities to improve the network transparency


  1. 1. Global Computing
    In order to realize the remote communication without any professional skills or knowledge, we develop effective video collaboration environment for various platforms.

  2. 2. Media Telescope
    We collect and analyze the information via the Internet, then visualize and predict trends to create new services that impact society and improve our daily life.

  3. 3. UMECOE
    Our goal is to create the universal media communication environment, which can combine “Network” and “Real World” very friendly. So both tools and services have simple input interface.

  4. 4. K4-GP
    K4-GP is a test bed for Global computing, Media Telescope and UMRCOT. To realize and practical use of real-time information sharing environment via the Internet, we evaluate in the race event.

  5. 5. Human Mobility Realization
    The project purpose is to create new service platform developing the usage of “BIG DATA” made from human mobility. We create location oriented description service based on smartphone probe vehicle system.


Kazunori Sugirura

Sponsors & Partners

NUS CUTE Project, Orion Electric, Toshiba, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

Recent Outcomes


・Takahiro Nemoto “Precis Framework Implementation Report & Mapping Characters For PRECIS Classes” in the 84th IETF Precis WG at Vancouver, 2012
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・“UMECOT TV & DVTS”, Fall 2011 internet2 member meeting
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・“UMECOT TV & DVTS” Spring New World Symphony Orchestra Workshop NUS CUTE Project, Orion Electric, Toshiba, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications NUS CUTE Project、オリオン電機、東芝、総務省


・K4-GP Summer (Aug. 2011)


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