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Opening NOTICE: Fukui/Echizen Five traditional crafts, Food, Nature event in Tokyo

Keio University Graduate School of Media Design (Yokohama, Dean Masa Inakage), as part of the research activities, Sabae city Fukui Prefecture (Mayor Makino Hyakuo mayor), and Echizen lacquerware cooperative (President Nao Tsuchida) jointly, we are the "traditional craft future projects."

As a part of the same project, traditional craft in close proximity within 10 kilometers radius of Fukui Prefecture Tannan district (Echizen lacquerware, Echizen pottery, Echizen Japanese paper, Echizen cutlery, Echizen chest) Origin union and Fukui Prefecture, Sabae, Echizen-cho, and start a new effort to transmit the appeal of the area in Echizen City and the cities of Tokyo area in cooperation was established in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry as "Echizen village project council of manufacturing" of.

Fukui Prefecture Tannan rural, Echizen lacquerware, Echizen pottery, is Echizen Japanese paper, Echizen cutlery, Echizen chest of drawers (drawers) five traditional crafts alive rare regions in the nation of. And the history and culture, such as proximity to Eiheiji and Ichijodani, a combination of such as food and natural proposed domestic and international tourism can experience "making of village things" and "Origin pilgrimage type" of Japan, of the region through the traditional craft activity we aim to reduction.

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