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Digital media is changing from conventional mass media to personal media that uses media infrastructure for community building. Examples include the convergence of broadcasting and communications and the emergence of social networking services. Content adds value to media, and design enhances all aspects of life. These have become important engines in enriching the human heart and mind. For media, content, and design to take root in society, it is crucial to understand how they function as industries, to understand their business and management models, and to include policies about intellectual property and so on. As we describe in "Our philosophy of education, " we train "media innovators," defined as people who harmonize and integrate the four creative skills of design, technology, management, and policy, who are able to engage in creative activities such as the creation of new knowledge and expression, and who are also able to market and monetize their products.

As individuals, the School faculty members bring both expertise and broad-based perspectives that harmonize and integrate the four areas of design, technology, management, and policy, and are fully capable of the wide-ranging education and research required for the training of media innovators.

Below are the official names of the school, the major, and the degrees that we offer.

1. Name of school

Graduate School of Media Design

2. Name of major

Major in Media Design

3. Degrees

Master of Media Design
Ph.D. in Media Design

4. Student body

Master's program: 80 students per year (total capacity of 160)
Doctoral program: 10 students per year (total capacity of 30)

5. Brochure: School Information/ Application Information

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