Missions and Educational Model of KMD

As one of the world's leading research and educational institutions, KMD is committed to executing its three missions.

1.Developing a Multi-location Global Network

In order to respond to the leading edge topics of the society and to develop a dynamic system in accordance with the needs of time, KMD, headquartered in the Hiyoshi Campus of Keio University, KMD's global network comprises satellite locations in Japan and in other countries as well as collaborative relationships with other institutions.

2.Creating an Environment for Fostering Global Leaders

Leaders in the global community need to combine a global perspective with their own local background, education, and expertise. For this reason, KMD has adopted English as an official language in addition to Japanese, and has established an international platform to facilitate its participation in worldwide education and research.

3.Utilizing the KMD Method

"KMD Method," an educational method used to foster creative leaders (media

4つのポリシー.pnginnovators), has three distinguishing features:

• The DTMP curriculum, which promotes the understanding and use of the four domains of creativity: Design, Technology, Management and Policy;

• Collaborative project-based education with an emphasis on real-world applications;

• Mastery of practical methodologies for articulating and implementing creative solutions to social challenges, including design thinking, storytelling, and strategic thinking.

o Major: Major in Media Design
o Number of Admission (Per Year):
Master's course: 80
Doctor's course: 10
o Degrees Awarded:
Master's degree: Master of Media Design
Doctor's degree: Ph.D. in Media Design