Keio University Graduate School of Media Design is committed to fostering "Media Innovators" and creative global leaders who understand the core creative skills of design, technology, management, and policy in the field of media design. In collaboration with international partner institutions and research facilities, education will take a practical, hands-on, and global approach through various projects.

Educating Leaders

Keio University Graduate School of Media Design provides a premier graduate education to prepare students for leadership as "Media Innovators" in our modern creative society. A "Media Innovator" is a leader who understands the core values of creativity and innovation, who can implement and manage creative activities, and who can convert creative and innovative activities into maximum economic and cultural value for society. Therefore, the education program produces international professional leaders and scholars who can revolutionize industry and the bureaucracy, create and innovate new generations of digital media, produce innovative digital content and experience, and create, edit, and distribute "knowledge", which is the most valuable resource in our global society.

Key Features


* The rigorous and flexible curriculum provides unusual depth and breadth in four important areas related to media design: design, technology, management, and policy. Students learn the fundamentals in all four subjects while focusing on specific areas in greater depth.

* This unparalleled education program is designed to nourish the communication and language skills necessary for international activities. For international students, Japanese language learning support is also provided, and for Japanese students, English oral presentation is required to encourage students to prepare themselves to become part of the global community.

* International students may obtain the degree by taking courses offered in English only.

* A crash course (boot camp) is scheduled immediately after admission in order to establish the basis for effective collaboration and teamwork amongst students from diverse backgrounds.

* The education program is designed and structured to center on research projects, and courses prepare students for research and professional practice. Thus, research and education are integrated to offer academic understanding through hands-on research and the creation of actual deliverables. The research projects tackle real-world global problems and propose solutions by incorporating cutting-edge research and academic theories. In addition, the research results will be disseminated through various channels.

* In order to implement cutting-edge research on current and immediate issues, the Graduate School utilizes a global network infrastructure. This will ensure effective collaboration between the headquarters on Hiyoshi campus and other satellite research facilities in both Japan and abroad, as well as with other institutions. Through this state-of-the-art network, students and faculty are immersed in a network-connected multi-location campus environment that fosters a global community.

o Major: Major in Media Design
o Number of Admission (Per Year):
Master's course: 80
Doctor's course: 10
o Degrees Awarded:
Master's degree: Master of Media Design
Doctor's degree: Ph.D. in Media Design