KMD and GID information session via Ustream on April 18


Keio Media Design launches KMD information sessions and GID information session via Ustream! Please join us for exploring KMD with our dean, Professor Masa Inakage.

Following session will be conducted in English.


Language used: English

1) Date: Friday, April 18
 11:00 – 12:20
2) Date: Friday, April 18
18:00 – 19:20

————- Application form: here

*URL to be accessed at the time above will be announced to the registered e-mail address. Please make sure that the registered e-mail address is correct. By accessing to the URL during the time above, you will be able to ask questions by typing in your inquiries and receive answers directly during the session.

*For those who have not registered beforehand, you could access from URL below. However, please note that questions coming through URL for pre-registered audience will be prioritized.