Naohito OKUDE

Naohito OKUDE


Areas of expertise:
Innovation Design, Design Thinking, Ethnography, Phenomenological Design Method

Graduated from Department of Sociology, Faculty of Letters, Keio University in 1978, Ph.D. from the American Studies Department, George Washington University (USA) in 1986. Began teaching and researching at Japan Women’s University in 1987, the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies of Keio University in 1990, and the Graduate School of Media Design in 2008.
CEO of Optima Inc. and Director of Claritas Design in Singapore since 2011. Publications: “Thinking Engine,” “Design Thinking Tool Box,” “Design Thinking and Business Strategy,” and others.
Working on developing Deep Ethnography, a new ethnography method, with sensor technologies. Currently interested in neuro-branding and innovation, embodied cognition, and pattern recognition and machine learning. Applies to the following real projects: shopping, tourism, and mobility as a service.


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