Q. How can I get in touch with professors?

A. Please send an e-mail and write the name(s) of professors you wish to contact.

Q. Who is eligible to apply to Graduate School of Media Design? (Master’s Program)

A. Please find details in the “Admission Application Guidelines“.

Q. I am in Japan. Would it be possible for me to study at the graduate school while holding a job?

A. It would be very difficult because many of the lectures and much of the project work take place on weekday mornings and afternoons. You will also be required to prepare in advanced for classes and be fully committed to research projects.

Q. Does the school accept applicants who are not currently students?

A. Yes, there is no limit in age to apply. Please find details in the “Admission Application Guidelines

Q. Will I be given appropriate support for living in Japan after I am accepted at this school?

A. Yes. The International Center at Keio University will provide support with regard to scholarships, housing, etc. Please refer to the International Center website.

Q. What is the difference between enrollment in April and enrollment in September?

A. For Master’s students enrolling in KMD in April, the requisite classes are offered in Japanese.  For Master’s students enrolling in September, requisite classes are offered in English. If enrolling in April, students must have the language abilities to take classes in Japanese and students enrolling in September must be able to take subjects in English.  Please choose your enrolling period carefully.