KMD x Global Grad Show, 24-29 October 2016, Dubai Design Week 2016


Keio University Graducate School of Media Design (KMD) students and their projects have been selected to be part of the exhibition “Global Grad Show”. The students will be flying to Dubai for the week of the exhibition – 24-29 October – to present their work to local/regional/international press and a wider public audience.

There are 4 projects participating from Keio University:
“Fog Pixel” by Kazuma Suzuki, Atsurou Ueki, Masa Inakage;
“Lap” by Naohito Okude, Moe Kobayashi, Yiting Wang, Hiroki Urase, Narihiro Haneda, Naoya Hayashi, Ryo Kashiwagi;
“Rez Infinite Synesthesia Suit” by Yukari Konishi, Nobuhisa Hanamitsu, Benjamin Outram, Kouta Minamizawa, Ayahiko Sato, Tetsuya Mizuguchi; and
“Telegran” by Ryoichi Ando, Conglin Nie, Takahiro Yoshimoto, Daisuke Yukita.

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Global Grad Show
Global Grad Show is a globally unique exhibition of innovation, inventions and technology that will transform our future taking place in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) each year during Dubai Design Week. Since launching in 2015, the show has grown to become the world’s largest student gathering, involving 50 universities from 30 countries. Curated by Brendan McGetrick, the 2016 edition showcases 145 design solutions to the world’s most pressing problems from a global elite of design graduates.