Re-Inventing Japan Post-Project Evaluation – GID Program Receives Rank “S”


The results for the post-project evaluation of the “Global Innovation Design (GID) Program” that was adopted in 2011 by the Re-Inventing Japan Project have been announced by the project committee. The development of a framework for quality assured university exchange and the realization of collaborative education within our master’s program were both evaluated, and the GID Program received the highest ranking of “S.”

Please see HERE for the comments from the project committee.

The GID Program will continue after the conclusion of the grant period for the project. This academic year, twelve students from KMD have traveled out to the Royal College of Arts (RCA) and Imperial College London (Imperial) in the UK from September last year, and the Pratt Institute in the US from this January.
Furthermore, twelve students from RCA and Imperial, and 8 students from the Pratt Institute each stayed for one semester at KMD. All of the students in the program have learned about and experienced for themselves approaches and techniques that integrate different environments and cultures while completing their design projects.

The GID Program will contribute to the global development of universities, not only here at Keio University, but domestically and internationally as well, as a program that both integrates the humanities and sciences and serves as a model for international collaborative education.

GID Program Website