“Amplify the Sense of Wonder”
This project focuses on amplifying our mind, improving our skills, and helping us reach our long-term goals. We combine findings in cognitive science, psychology, and social sciences with technology (e.g. wearable sensors) to learn more about human behavior. Geist (pronunciation: [ˈɡaɪst]) is a German word. Depending on context it can be translated as the English words mind, spirit, or ghost. It loosely refers to “Ghost in the Shell” and to “Ghost in the Machine”, a term coined by Gilbert Ryle. “Ghost in the Machine” shows the absurdity of the mind-body dualism.


Kai Kunze


  1. 1. EyeWear Computing

    Using eye tracking and sensor technologies, the EyeWear Computing Project is pursuing the possibility of new forms of interaction with the EyeWear device.

  2. 2. Immersive VR

    To heighten the immersive experience of virtual reality (VR) environments, the Immersive VR Project is working on the creation of new concepts in VR environments such as exploring the possibility of combining VR and music and forms of interaction that utilize bioinformation.