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The Logo of KMD

About the Shape of KMD’s Logo

The combination of question and exclamation mark “Interrobang”

Question mark + Exclamation mark = Interrobang

Members of Keio University Graduate school of Media Design (KMD) find unprecedented answers to questions, mysteries, and the unknown through startling modes of expression. The interrobang perfectly encapsulates the approach of KMD, which has adopted the punctuation mark as a motif for the graduate school. (The interrobang is a nonstandard punctuation mark formed by combinining the question mark [?] and the exclamation mark [!].) Keio Media Design has organically designed a fluid-like, protean interrobang as its logo to represent the graduate school.

The Color of the KMD Logo

Color of Screen Image: Neutral Gray

KMD has decided on achromatic, neutral gray as the base color of its logo. This neutral gray was chosen to represent a mirror surface. A mirror surface reflects the whole environment; it can blend into and disappear within its surroundings, or command an intense presence by reflecting light. KMD sometimes emits a distinctive, glowing radiance, yet it can also be a subtle presence in the background. KMD can transform into both “light” and “shadow” depending on its environment and understanding what role it should play. This is the reason why neutral gray was chosen as a base color for its logo over any chromatic color.

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