CEMS and the Keio CEMS MIM Programme


CEMS is an alliance that consists of 30 world-leading higher education institutions in business, over 70 multinational corporations, and seven NGOs (as of August 2017).

CEMS offers CEMS MIM (CEMS Master’s in International Management), which is a double degree master’s programme in international management. Students who complete this programme receive a master’s degree both from their home institution and from CEMS. Constantly ranked in the top 10 in the Financial Times Global Master’s in Management Ranking, CEMS MIM is now recognized as a world-leading programme in the field of international management.

Only one institution from each country is able to join CEMS, and Keio University is the one from Japan.

Keio CEMS MIM Programme

The Keio CEMS MIM (CEMS, Master’s in International Management) programme is offered jointly by CEMS and Keio University. This programme aims to cultivate high-level skills required of global business people and the ability to make sound and practical judgment required of global leaders.

Supported by a network of CEMS Corporate Partners, the CEMS MIM programme offers courses which have both strong theoretical and practical elements. While maintaining the high quality common to all members of the CEMS alliance, each CEMS school offers a distinctive curriculum exhibiting its unique strengths. At Keio University, the Graduate School of Economics, the Graduate School of Business and Commerce, Keio Business School, and the Graduate School of Media Design offer a wide variety of CEMS MIM courses.

Students who take part in the CEMS MIM programme (hereafter referred to as “CEMS students”) will take CEMS courses and participate in business projects for two terms (Term 1 and Term 2). They will also gain practical experience through eight consecutive weeks of internship in a global company. CEMS students must spend two of the three terms (Term 1, Term 2, and Term 3 [International Internship]) outside of the country where the student’s home institution is located. In addition, CEMS students are not able to spend both Term 1 and Term 2 at the same CEMS school. They are also required to acquire two languages (including their mother tongue) besides English.

At Keio University, students of the Graduate School of Economics, the Graduate School of Business and Commerce, and the Graduate School of Media Design are eligible to apply for the CEMS MIM programme.

Career Support

The highly acclaimed CEMS MIM programme has won the trust of international corporations across the globe, limited not just to CEMS Corporate Partners. Currently, many CEMS alumni enjoy successful careers in companies worldwide.

As many as around 50 percent of CEMS alumni have experience working at one of the CEMS Corporate Partners (including internships). Throughout the CEMS MIM year, there are many opportunities for CEMS students to make meaningful connections with various corporations including CEMS Corporate Partners. Every year around November, the CEMS Career Forum, the biggest CEMS career support event, is held. Here, CEMS students and alumni have an opportunity to talk directly with company representatives at their company booths, and those interested may also be given job interviews.

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