7 projects from KMD participate SIGGRAPH ASIA 2011

7 projects from Graduate School of Media Design(KMD) will participate the international conference SIGGRAPH ASIA 2011-Emerging Technologies held from December 12-15, 2011.
(Out of the 7 projects, 1 project from Professor Inakage’s, and 6 projects from Professor Tachi and Professor Inami’s Real Projects.)

SIGGRAPH ASIA is world’s largest international conference in which focuses on computer graphics and interactive technologies.
Following projects will be participating under the category Emerging Technologies.

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Ninja Trachc97-e175-publicimage.jpgのサムネール画像 

ImpAct : Haptic Stylus for Shallow Depth Surface Interaction  c97-e179-publicimage.jpg 

PINOKY: A Ring That Animates Your Plush Toysc97-e183-publicimage.jpg 

KUSUGURI: Visual Tactile Integration for Ticklingc97-e184-publicimage.jpg 


Cooky: A Cooperative Cooking Robot Systemc97-e186-publicimage.jpg


Chewing Jockey: Augmented Food Texture by Using Sound Based on the Cross-Modal Effectc97-e187-publicimage.jpg


Adaptive Parallax Autostereoscopic LED Displayc97-e194-publicimage.jpg 

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