KMD Student Team Wins CHI 2018 Design Competition

We are happy to announce that Laura Lugaresi, Kaiyuan Lin, Dingding Zheng, a team of KMD students has won the student design competition at  CHI 2018 with their concept Wearable Aura.


CHI 2018 the ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems is the premier international conference of Human-Computer Interaction.


The concept Wearable Aura focuses on how technology could encourage and ease awkwardness-free communications between people in real-world scenarios. We propose Wearable Aura, a device that is able to project a personalized animation around the user. This projection, as an extension of oneself is aware of the context, reacts to user’s activity, and interacts with anybody nearby, initiating an interplay with people and taking the burden of making the first move. The Aura, as an enliven spiritual pet, floats around user’s feet. We believe that externalized interactive representation of the user in form of a spiritual pet can ease and facilitate the communication, serve as a conversation starter, and make the interactions between people more fun. We believe that Aura will help the people to engage and gather in both, new and already
existing, communities.


Laura Lugaresi, Kaiyuan Lin, and Dingding Zheng. 2018. Wearable Aura: Interactive Personal Projection to Bring People Closer. In Extended Abstracts of the 2018 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI EA ’18). ACM, New York, NY, USA, Paper SDC05, 6 pages.



An earlier version of this work was also presented as work in progress at UbiComp.


Dingding Zheng, Laura Lugaresi, George Chernyshov, Benjamin Tag, Masa Inakage, and Kai Kunze. 2017. Wearable aura: an interactive projection on personal space to enhance communication. In Proceedings of UbiComp ’17. ACM, New York, NY, USA, 141-144.



The work is a collaboration between two KMD Real Projects Play and Geist.

Team members:

-Laura Lugaresi (Second Year Master’s Student, KMD)

-Kaiyuan Lin (Second Year Master’s Student, KMD)

-Dingding Zheng (Second Year Master’s Student, KMD)

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