Art+Science+Tech=Innovation?-What the world’s innovators are doing now – QWS Academia

SHIBUYA QWS original program “QWS Academia”

This is a program to explore “unknown questions” in collaboration with universities. QWS Academia” is not just a class where knowledge is transmitted, but aims to stimulate each other interactively and create deep reactions.

<Purpose of the event>
The theme of this event is “Art x Science x Tech.” Thinking that transcends disciplines and fields is attracting attention in Europe and the United States as a way of accelerating innovation. Is ‘art thinking’ out of date? Does deepening expertise lead to innovation? What happens when creative fields merge with tech and science? What is creativity anyway? This conference will introduce the importance of thinking across disciplines and fields such as art, science, and tech, and how the fusion of these disciplines and fields can accelerate innovation, along with the latest case studies. We will bring you new ways of thinking about innovation, from new organizational structures to individual performance at work. The key word is cognitive diversity.

July 20, 2022 (Wednesday) 19:00 – 20:30 (including networking) 
Venue: SHIBUYA QWS, 15F, Shibuya Scramble Square
All are Welcome: High school students, university students, graduate students, working adults, QWS members
Capacity: 40 people

 18:30 –              Doors open (Registration)
 19:00 – 19:05   Explanation of QWS and purpose of the program
 19:05 – 20:05   Speaker Talks
 20:05 – 20:30   Networking

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