KMD Embodied Media & Geist presented 6 works at CHI 2023 in Hamburg

KMD has presented 6 works from KMD Embodied Media Project (PI: Kouta Minamizawa) and Geist Project (PI: Kai Kunze) at CHI 2023 in Hamburg, Germany from April 23 to 28, 2023.

◆ ToCHI Journal presentation:

Linking Audience Physiology to Choreography

Jiawen Han, George Chernyshov, Moe Sugawa, Dingding Zheng, Danny Hynds, Taichi Furukawa, Marcelo Pedovani Macieira, Karola Marky, Kouta Minamizawa, Jamie A Ward, Kai Kunze


◆ Full-papers:

“I am both here and there” Parallel Control of Multiple Robotic Avatars by Disabled Workers in a Café

Giulia Barbareschi, Midori Kawaguchi, Hiroaki Kato, Masato Nagahiro, Kazuaki Takeuchi, Yoshifumi Shiiba, Shunichi Kasahara, Kai Kunze, Kouta Minamizawa


Dementia Eyes: Co-Design and Evaluation of a Dementia Education Augmented Reality Experience for Medical Workers

Ximing Shen, Yun Suen Pai, Dai Kiuchi, Kehan Bao, Tomomi Aoki, Hikari Meguro, Kanoko Oishi, Ziyue Wang, Sohei Wakisaka, Kouta Minamizawa


◆ Poster:

Towards Embodying Emotions in Play with Neurodivergent Children using Haptic Technologies

Yulan Ju, Mina Shibasaki, Christopher Changmok Kim, Kai Kunze, Kouta Minamizawa


◆ Workshop presentations:

From Metaverse to Bodyverse: Centering the Technological Discourse around Inclusive Embodied Experiences

Giulia Barbareschi, Midori Kawaguchi, Ximing Shen, Ando Ryoichi, Jun Nishida, Kouta Minamizawa


The Empathic Metaverse: An Assistive Bioresponsive Platform For Emotional Experience Sharing

Yun Suen Pai, Mark Armstrong, Kinga Skiers, Anish Kundu, Danyang Peng, Yixin Wang, Tamil Selvan Gunasekaran, Chi-Lan Yang, Kouta Minamizawa



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