Doctoral Program

The Doctoral Program seeks to train highly specialized media innovators capable of acting on the global stage. It is our vision for KMD Doctoral students to become highly diverse leaders having the global perspective necessary to bring about innovation in business, international organizations, research institutes, and educational organizations.

Completion Model of Doctoral Program

Step 1 Selecting advisors
Step 2 Writing a “doctoral dissertation proposal” and midterm presentation *
Step 3 Doctoral dissertation proposal defense
Step 4 Research review and writing dissertation
Step 5 Forming a doctoral dissertation review committee
Step 6 Submitting the doctoral dissertation (for final assessment)
Step 7 Public doctoral dissertation defense and final assessment
Step 8 Submitting the doctoral dissertation (final and approved)
Step 9 Award of the doctoral degree

*The doctoral dissertation proposal is a plan describing the specific subject matter to be researched that also serves as a blueprint for the doctoral dissertation. Individuals successfully passing the doctoral dissertation proposal and oral examination phases become Doctoral candidates

Please refer to “Ph.D. rules and procedures (revised April 2016)”.
Please refer to “Withdrawal from the Doctoral Program after Completion of Course Requirements”.
For Applicants to the doctoral program are encouraged to contact faculty members prior to their application.
KMD Doctoral students must register the subject named “Advanced Rearch” offered by their Main Supervisor every semester.


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