• 【Admissions】

Q1: When will the Application Guidebook for the next academic year be published?

A1: Information regarding the entrance examination for KMD, scheduled for the next academic year, is expected to be available on the following website from late March to early April: https://www.kmd.keio.ac.jp/ja/admissions. For detailed application instructions, please refer to the website after the information is made public.


Q2: I have applied for KMD’s entrance examination. Could you confirm if my application documents sent by mail have been received?

A2: We do not respond to inquiries regarding the receipt or acceptance/rejection of application documents. Please check the tracking information provided by the courier service used for sending your documents to confirm their arrival. If there are any inquiries regarding the submitted application documents, we will contact you directly. If you do not receive any communication from us after applying, please assume that your application documents have been duly accepted.


Q3: Can I request the return of the submitted application documents?

A3: As stated in the Application Guidebook, submitted documents will not be returned. Therefore, please refrain from submitting original documents that cannot be reissued, such as the original diploma. For documents that cannot be reissued, please submit certified copies officially recognized as duplicates. Please refer to the Application Guidebook for details.


  • Q4: I previously applied but unfortunately was not accepted. I plan to reapply. Do I need to resubmit the documents previously submitted?

    A4: If you were unsuccessful and plan to reapply, you must resubmit all documents previously submitted. As submitted documents cannot be returned, please ensure not to submit original documents that can only be issued once.

  • Q5: Is there a limit to the number of times I can reapply if I am unsuccessful?

    A5: There is no limit. You can apply as many times as you wish.


    Q6: I am unable to submit some of the application documents within the application period. Can I complete the web entry first and submit additional documents after the application period?

    A6: All application documents must be submitted within the application period. Submission of additional documents after the application period is not permitted.


    Q7: I am unsure if I meet the application eligibility criteria. Could you please advise? Additionally, if I am unsure about my eligibility, should I undergo the Preliminary Entrance Qualification Review?

    A7: Please select the most suitable eligibility criteria from those listed in the Application Guidebook to determine your own eligibility. We do not provide information on which eligibility criteria applicants fall under. If you wish to apply under eligibility criteria 2 or 7, Preliminary Entrance Qualification Review is required. 

  • 【Other】
  • Q8: How can I contact a faculty member?

    A8: Please refer to the list of faculty members on our website and use the contact form provided for each faculty member to get in touch.

  • https://www.kmd.keio.ac.jp/faculty


  • Q9. What is the difference between enrollment in April and enrollment in September?
    A. For Master’s students enrolling in KMD in April, the requisite classes are offered in Japanese.  For Master’s students enrolling in September, requisite classes are offered in English. If enrolling in April, students must have the language abilities to take classes in Japanese and students enrolling in September must have the language abilities to take classes in English. Please choose your enrolling period carefully.

Q10. I am in Japan. Would it be possible for me to study at the graduate school while holding a job?
A. It would be very difficult because many of the lectures and much of the project work take place on weekday mornings and afternoons. You will also be required to prepare in advance for classes and be fully committed to research projects.

Q11: I would like to hear the voices of current students.

A11: Please refer to the KMD brochure, where interviews with students (current and alumni) from our department are featured.