Real Projects

Real Projects: The Source of KMD-led Innovations

Since its founding in 2008, KMD has placed Real Projects at the core of its activities and curriculum. All Master’s Program students participate under the direction of full-time faculty to create innovations that tap into cutting-edge technologies and social trends.

Students use the results of their Real Projects to write their Master’s theses. KMD does not consider actual practice to be different from academic and theoretical exploration. Real Projects are not only a field to gain practice in the creation of social impact, they are also a frontline of creative research.

Most of our current Real Projects are collaborations between KMD and outside institutions in industry and government. Projects done in collaboration with companies, in particular, are not merely sponsorships, but opportunities to tackle the challenges that the companies face or anticipate they will face in the future. We begin by formulating plans and conducting studies, producing prototypes iteratively until we arrive at a final, concrete result.

  • Creative Industry
  • Embodied Media
  • Global EducationGeist
  • Geist
  • Network Media
  • PLAY: Entertainment Media Design
  • Policy Project
  • Superhuman Sports