SABAE URUSHI AWARD 2015 Winners Announced – Traditional Crafts’ Future Project

Keio University Graduate School of Media Design (KMD) is moving forward with “Dentoukogei Mirai Project” (Traditional Crafts’ Future Project) in collaboration with Sabae City (in Fukui Prefecture, Japan) and Echizen Urushi Lacquerware Cooperative Association.

Throughout this project, new technologies, designs and ideas will be introduced and implemented into the lacquerware industry of Sabae City.

As a part of the Traditional Crafts’ Future Project, “SABAE URUSHI AWARD 2015” had solicited the concepts from the creators all over the world to discover the new possibilities of the Japanese lacquer.

Winning works will play a role in conveying the unique charm of Japanese lacquerware world-widely via social media.

Outline of SABAE URUSHI AWARD 2015 winners:

【SABAE URUSHI Grand Award】
「○□ glass」 Shingo Fujimoto (Japan)GrandAward.png

【Product Prize】
「NATSUME tumbler」 Tomohisa Iwai(Japan)

【Design Grand Prize】
「Urushi surfboard」 Christoph Massak(Austria)

【Design Excellence Prize】
「URUSHIITO」 Yukihiro Yamaguchi(Japan)

【New Technology Idea Prize】
「Urushi+(plus)」 Yuki Hashimoto(Japan)

【Popular Vote Prize】

【Popular Vote Special Prize】
「kasane」Moe Kanbara(Japan)

【Makuake Prize】
「Sake brewed in Kawada」 Kawada brewing project(Japan)


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