Information Sessions

KMD will hold information sessions as below (the sessions consist of general explanation of KMD, Presentations by KMD faculty members/students, Q&A etc).

We will also hold information sessions via YouTube LIVE.  Previous sessions are available here.

Please join us for exploring KMD!

KMD Information Sessions (Schedule)

-Saturday, April 7 , 2018: Hiyoshi Campus

-Wednesday, April 18, 2018: Keio Osaka City Campus

-Thursday, May 10, 2018: YouTube Live

-Saturday, June 2, 2018: Hiyoshi Campus

-Wednesday, June 27, 2018: Mita Campus

-Saturday, June 30, 2018: Hiyoshi Campus and Keio Osaka City Campus

-Thursday, July 19, 2018: YouTube Live

-Saturday, November 3, 2018: Hiyoshi Campus (KMD FORUM)

-Tuesday, November 13, 2018: YouTube Live *Click HERE for registration

-Saturday, February 23, 2019: Hiyoshi Campus and Keio Osaka City Campus