Keio University Graduate School of Media Design (KMD) will host the KMD 2023 “CRYSTALVISIONS” Forum on Sunday, September 17, and Monday, September 18, a national holiday. During the two-day event, new perspectives will be presented on designing a better future at the intersection of design, technology, and policy. Visitors can experience first-hand projects and collaborations between academia, industry, and government. This event will be held as part of the Tokyo Port City Takeshiba public event “Change Tomorrow 2023.”


Since its establishment in 2008, KMD’s mission has been to train creative leaders and innovators who can collaborate globally regardless of academic discipline or culture to innovate and create social value. The KMD Forum is an annual event which has been held since 2010 and which showcases the results of KMD’s core research focus, the “Real Projects,” through panels, workshops, and interactive demonstrations. In celebration of our 15th anniversary this year, we will hold the 2023 KMD Forum, “CRYSTALVISIONS,” to commemorate this special milestone. “Crystals” are used to represent clarity, vision, refraction, transparency, purity, perfection, divination, prediction, luck, magical energy, and the transmission of energy, all of which in various ways express our goals here at KMD.


Message from the Executive Director of KMD Forum 2023: Prof. Matthew WALDMAN

The 2023 KMD Forum will showcase a diverse range of ideas and perspectives, exploring the future through the lenses of CRYSTALVISIONS to highlight the possible. Prepare to embark on a kaleidoscope of ideas that will shape the future of design, technology, and policy.


Pictures from KMD Forum 2022



Event Overview

Title: KMD Forum 2023 “CRYSTALVISIONS”
Date and Time:   September 17 (Sunday) 15:00–18:00
                             September 18 (Monday, National Holiday) 11:00–18:00
Venue: Tokyo Port City Takeshiba, Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Center
             Hamamatsucho Hall 3F Exhibition Room (1-7-1 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo)
   4-minute walk from Hamamatsucho Station (JR Yamanote Line, Keihin-Tohoku Line, Tokyo Monorail)
   2-minute walk from Takeshiba Station (Yurikamome)
   5-minute walk from Daimon Station (Toei Asakusa Line, Oedo Line) B1/B2 Exit

Admission: Free, Open to the public
Official Instagram:

①Exhibition of Real Project results (demonstrations and poster displays)
②Talks *Livestream available

September 17 (Sunday)
16:30-17:30 KMD IMPACT TALK – Alumni perspective- (English/Japanese)
   Panel discussion featuring active KMD graduates, showcasing how their experiences at KMD have been applied in society.
   Moderator: Matthew WALDMAN

September 18 (Monday, National Holiday)
11:30–12:30 KMD Admission Information Session (Japanese)
   Moderator: Masahiko INAKAGE (Keio Media Design)
16:30–18:00 Bio-Future
   Can bio-design solve social issues? Experts in the field of bio-design and innovation will engage in a panel discussion.
   Moderator: Matthew WALDMAN
   Guest speakers and further details will be announced soon. Stay tuned!

Additionally, the following events will be held outside the KMD Forum venue:
●Performance by DJ MASA (Masatoshi MUTO, Representative of General Incorporated Association WITH ALS), a content creator battling with ALS. Cybernetic avatars in collaboration with KMD will be used for the innovative stage performance, “Brain Body Jockey Project.”
   September 17 (Sunday) @1F Port Hall Stage 12:30–13:00, 18:15–18:45

●Experience the exhibition “Everyone’s Brain World: Neuro Diversity Exhibition 2023,” where the challenges and weaknesses individuals face can transform into ease of living and strengths due to changes in technology and environment.
   September 17 (Sunday)–September 18 (Monday, National Holiday) @ 1F Port Hall

Brain Body Jockey Project KICK-OFF GIG



*This event will be held as part of the Tokyo Port City Takeshiba’s public event「-Change Tomorrow- (Chomorrow) 2023」(Organizer: Chomorrow Executive Committee)

『-Change Tomorrow- (Chomorrow) 2023』
   Organizer: Chomorrow Executive Committee
   (General Incorporated Association CiP Council, Alvaro Grande Co., Ltd.)

▼List of Concurrent Events

『The Brain Worlds of Everyone』
   Organized by the Neurodiversity Project

『Superhuman Sports Experience』
   Organized by the Superhuman Sports Project

『Workshop Collection in Chomorrow』
   Organized by the CANVAS Corporation.

『iU in Chomorrow』
   Organized by iU (Professional University of Information and Management for Innovation)

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