Master's Program

Completion Model of Graduate School of Media Design

Each student will be assigned to a professors' office at the earliest opportunity. The fundamentals of four creative forces are taught through lectures: Design, Technology, Management and Policy.

The essence of this model is REAL PROJECTS, which fuses these four forces. With the support of our academic-industrial alliance, students analyze real issues facing society and develop practical solutions to them. It is through this hands-on work that you will learn how to be a "Media Innovator."


* The numbers in parentheses are credits acquired in each semester.

Requirement for Completion

Requirements for completion.
1) Complete the full duration of four or more semesters at the Graduate School of Media Design, excluding the period of any leave of absence.

2) A student must earn a minimum of 30 credits and satisfy the credit requirements in each of the following subjects.
- Introductory subjects (requisite): Total of 10 credits
- Theory/Strategy subjects: Total of 10 credits or more (from more than 3 tracks)
- Project subject : 2 credits from Introductory Project and 6 credits from Real Project, Business Project, International Project 1, or International Project 2
- Independent research subjects for Master in Media Design: 2 credits

3) Pass the Final Presentation for the Master's thesis