KMD Forum

KMD Forum


KMD Forum is an annual public event that disseminates the latest results from Real Projects in various formats such as symposia, workshops, and interactive demonstrations.


We will hold  “KMD FORUM 2018” on November 2 and 3 at Keio University Hiyoshi Campus. KMD is celebrating the 10th Anniversary this year. The theme of KMD Forum 2018 is “Journey” to share our journey of 10 years. The Forum will showcase various trails of projects, journeys of our students and graduates through talks, workshops and interactive exhibits.

Reports for the past KMD Forum


KMD Forum 2017 (8th)

KMD Forum 2016 (7th)  *Japanese only

KMD Forum 2015 (6th)  *Japanese only

KMD Forum 2014 (5th)  *Japanese only

KMD Forum 2013 (4th)  *Japanese only

KMD Forum 2012 (3rd)  *Japanese only

KMD Forum 2011 (2nd)  *Japanese only

KMD Forum 2010 (1st)  *Japanese only