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Global Education

Building global connections and sharing ideas across borders
This project researches on designing global co-learning experiences using digital technologies in order to realize compatible society. Nowadays the relationship among different countries needs to be stronger, since the social issues are becoming multilateral and more complicated. We address those challenges from the education perspective with digital tools and distance communication. Education changes people's lives and then people change the world. We learn from others around the world throughout our lives, and technology is changing how we teach and learn across borders. The Global Education Project designs and create new styles of learning and education to empower learners of any age to solve issues in the global society.


- Designing global co-learning experience based on distance communication
- Raising awareness of being a global citizen for facing global issues
- Expanding international relationships within the young generation in Asia


  1. 1. Global Kids Eclipse
    This event offered a broadcasting of solar eclipse in July 2009 to share science knowledge and feeling global for approximately 500 elementary school students in 8 countries.

  2. 2. Global Theater
    “Global Theater” explored new formats for live performing arts. In 2009 and 2010, we connected audience and theaters over the Internet and created an unique environment to share live performances throughout Asia.

  3. 3. AGORAsia Youth
    AGORAsia Youth aims to provide a global co-learning experience for younger generations in Asia. In the first edition, high school students in Japan, Korea and Myanmar discussed and reflected about energy and sustainability.

  4. 4. Global Kindergarten
    The goal of this project is to nurture the sense and values of diversity among kindergarteners. Kids in Japan, France and Germany play and sing together, experiencing interaction supported by ICT and distance communication tools.


Keiko Okawa

Sponsors & Partners

UNESCO, School On Internet Asia Project (SOI Asia), Akebono Gakuen, Mozilla Japan

Recent Outcomes

Thailand” World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia and
 Telecommunications (EDMEDIA), Toronto, Canada (June 2010)
・Goki Miyakita, Yumiko Murai, Takashi Tomine and Keiko Okawa “Designing
 A New Performing Arts Education Through Constructing A Global
 Theater” Cases on Formal, Non-Formal, and Informal Online Learning:
 Opportunities and Practices, published by IGI Global (July 2012)
・Astronaut Akihiko Hoshide lecture "Toward the Future of the Universe"
(Oct 2008)
・Global Kids Eclipse (July 2009)
・Mekong Festival (Nov 2009)
・Performing Arts - “Spicy, Sour, and Sweet” LIVE-STREAMING (Aug 2010)
・Beethoven for All (Dec 2010)
・Japanese Language Online Course (June 2010, Aug 2011)
・Asia 100 Workshop (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012)
・Connectivity event - Building a Green Society (Nov 2011)
・AGORAsia Youth (Mar 2012)
・Performing Arts - “RINGO” LIVE-STREAMING (Sept 2012)
・Mozilla Summer Code Party (Sept 2012)
・Global Kindergarten - Japan & France (Aug 2012)
・Global Kindergarten - Japan & Germany (Oct 2012)
・One Day in Asia (Nov 2012)
・KMD Information session (periodically)