Alumni Stories

TITLE Standing at the crossroads of design and technology Kim Huisun Korea CAREER Enrolled in April 2010, completed Master’s program in March 2012
I’m currently engaged in concept design and interaction design in order to create next-generation products for Sony. One example is the Motion Sonic Project that was recently unveiled to the public. The objective was to design an embodied experience that augments the human body with sound. By redesigning the relationship between humans and sound, we aim to impact society by delivering a new sound experience. Before joining KMD, I majored in computer science and learning engineering, but I began to wonder how I could design experiences that truly fascinate people. That’s why I decided to join KMD. At KMD, I worked on the Media Furniture Project that challenged us to redesign the furniture as media. Through the project, I acquired the design skills to realize the concept and experience through iterations of ethnography, ideation, and prototype. Also, I was able to hone my presentation skills to offer new value to the society. The experiences in KMD built my foundation for creation at the intersection of design and technology.
TITLE Learning, sharing, and enjoying Hiromi Uwabo Japan CAREER Enrolled in April 2013, completed Master‘s program in March 2015
At KMD, I conducted research in the Global Education Project to create a place where people who want to teach can gather via IT and learn from each other. I still vividly remember feeling deeply moved by the extraordinary ties that transcended age and borders through the building of an online platform, and conducting multiple-base workshops, mostly in Asia, as well as the engagement between project members. I am now teaching network-related training courses at a human resource development/training service company with the aspiration of having more people sense the potential and importance of network technologies that materialize diverse connections. Every time I teach a training course with students from differing backgrounds, I give a lot of thought to,“How can I communicate in a way that is fun and easy to understand?”I see grim or bored students at the start of the session morph into engaged learners after receiving flashes of inspiration or comprehension, and this motivates me to learn more. My goal is to use my “antenna” to keep learning, to share with others what I have learned, and to have everyone enjoy this together. Everything I learned and everyone I met at KMD all connect to who I am today.
TITLE The largest reward is the connections Ryunosuke Takahashi Japan CAREER Enrolled in April 2010, completed Master‘s program in March 2012
I am currently serving as director at the Contents innova- tion Program (CiP) Association. CiP’s mission is to develop a digital + content industry area in the Takeshiba district of Tokyo as part of its redevelopment, which is scheduled to be complete in 2020. As director, I am busy every day negotiating and holding discussions with CiP members and others in industry, government, and academia to bring the project to fruition. At KMD, my research theme was communications and broadcasting policy. Because KMD has different tracks, such as design, technology, management, and policy, there is a diverse mix of people and research themes that would not ordinarily be grouped in the same program. The perceptions and ideas in this environment were very stimulating. I was also provided opportunities to engage with leading experts in various fields outside of KMD. I believe my largest reward from KMD was the connections I made through research activities. I rely on those connections for my work at CiP also. In the Takeshiba project, I’m making full use of what I gained at KMD. Please check out our achievement.
TITLE The power of collaboration Yuta Sugiura Japan CAREER Enrolled in April 2008, completed Master‘s program in March 2010 / Enrolled in April 2010, completed Doctoral Program in March 2013
I left the program I was in to enter KMD in its year of establishment, and after obtaining a doctorate, I became a Project Assistant Professor. At KMD, I worked in the Reality Media Project to develop habitant behavior measurement systems and displays to fit into living environments. When I was studying engineering, I usually created things alone. But at KMD, I had more opportunities to develop things in collaboration with colleagues from different backgrounds, harnessing our various fields of expertise. This enabled me to experience creating things that were difficult to make alone. Also, I was averse to English conversation when I first entered KMD, but with so many international students in such a global environment, my English really improved. I am now a research associate in the Department of Infor- mation and Computer Science at Keio University’s Faculty of Science and Technology. I research collaboration, which I realized was important when I was at KMD, and hope to support this with technology. I am now researching IoT and virtual reality with space that can be designed through human collaboration.
TITLE Think while running Miki Kunitomo Japan CAREER Enrolled in April 2013, completed Master‘s program in March 2015
At KMD, I learned to discern what I must do by determining the essence of a matter, and also that I can try anything if I decide to. While there, I researched information device management systems using AR technologies as part of the Network Media Project. I had a degree in design before enrolling in KMD, and absolutely no knowledge of technology. But with the help of the many people I met through KMD, I was able to gain knowledge as my research progressed. KMD offers opportunities to collaborate with many people. From this experience, I learned the importance of two things: to determine the essence of a matter and think about what I must do and what I am uniquely capable of, and then to simply take action based on this. I think this was possible because KMD provides an environment where we can think while running, even if we don’t understand everything. Now that I’ve graduated, this realization serves as the foundation of my work as a system engineer in the communications industry.
TITLE Guild of my daily work Gustavo Dore Rodrigues Brazil CAREER Enrolled in September 2009, completed Master‘s program in September 2011
Currently, I am the CEO of Motify ( As a pioneer of HR(Human Resources)technology, through e-learning based on Habit Design, we aim to create environments where people learn to be leaders and to help each other grow. I coordinate a team of 12 people around the globe, with staff in Japan, Brazil, Ukraine, Sweden, and the US, and the number of countries continues to increase. Running the company remotely has allowed me to leave Tokyo and live in Kamakura with my wife and our daughter. Before coming to KMD, I worked in a marketing in Brazil. I saw KMD as a chance to change my career from humanities to a technology field. I grasped that chance with all my strength and had two of the busiest and most exciting years of my life. At KMD, I drew on my marketing background and joined the Event Production team. I then joined the OIKOS project with the Media Furniture team, under Professor Okude, where I learned the product/concept creation process that still guides me in my daily work. In the eight years I have been in Japan, I have worked for Sony as a VAIO product planner and at Recruit as a UX designer for several services. The connections and the knowledge I gained at KMD are what made it possible. I was invited to Sony after meeting a few employees during my time at KMD. Later, when I was planning to change jobs, I also consulted with a KMD sempai and worked side by side with him for several months.