Is there any information session for Graduate School of Media Design?

Yes, KMD holds information session within and outside of Japan.
For scheduled dates, please see "Information Session". Also, please check the website for updated information.

What if I cannot attend the information session?

A video archive from recent information session via Ustream is available online. For detail, click here.

Q. Who are the faculty members (professors) at Graduate School of Media Design?

For detail information on our faculty, please see "Faculty".
Also, list of archives of professors are available to view. Click here.

How can I get in touch with professors?

Please send an e-mail and write the name(s) of professors you wish to contact.

Where can I obtain KMD brochure?

KMD Brochures are available at 1st and 2nd floor of Collaboration Complex Building (Hiyoshi Campus). Also, it can be downloaded by clicking "KMD Brochure".

Where can I find information about subjects offered by KMD?

For classes offered by KMD, please see "Outline of Lectures".

What would the Curriculum of Master's Program look like?

What will the entrance examination be like? Is it possible for me to apply for and take the examination outside Japan?

Yes, we welcome applicants from overseas. Please find details in the "Admission Application Guidelines".

Who is eligible to apply to Graduate School of Media Design? (Master's Program)

Please find details in the "Admission Application Guidelines".

I am in Japan. Would it be possible for me to study at the graduate school while holding a job?

It would be very difficult because many of the lectures and much of the project work take place on weekday mornings and afternoons. You will also be required to prepare in advanced for classes and be fully committed to research projects.

Does the school accept applicants who are not currently students?

Yes, there is no limit in age to apply. Please find details in the "Admission Application Guidelines" 

Will I be given appropriate support for living in Japan after I am accepted at this school?

Yes. The International Center at Keio University will provide support with regard to scholarships, housing, etc. Please refer to the International Center website.

What is the difference between enrollment in April and enrollment in September?

For Master's students enrolling in KMD in April, the requisite classes are offered in Japanese.  For Master's students enrolling in September, requisite classes are offered in English. If enrolling in April, students must have the language abilities to take classes in Japanese and students enrolling in September must be able to take subjects in English.  Please choose your enrolling period carefully.

At which campus is Graduate School of Media Design located?

Graduate School of Media Design is located in the Collaboration Complex building in Hiyoshi Campus (1 minute walk from Hiyoshi Station).
With its headquarterin Hiyoshi Campus, KMD also has satellites in Keio Osaka City Campus and Keio-NUS CUTE Center in Singapore.

What is CEMS Program?

CEMS, the Global Alliance in Management Education, is a strategic alliance of the world's top-level business schools and universities, and multinational corporate partners.

CEMS offers a Masters degree in international management (CEMS MIM). This is a double-degree programme in which you will be granted both a CEMS MIM and a Masters degree offered by the CEMS partner school you would be enrolled. CEMS has grown since its foundation in 1988, and its International Management Programme is now recognized as one of the world's top level programmes, which is indicated by the Financial Times rankings.

CEMS partner schools are highly competitive universities which were selected on the basis of a "one country one school" policy. Keio University is the only CEMS partner school in Japan.

At Keio, the Graduate School of Economics, the Graduate School of Media Design, and the Graduate School of Business and Commerce offer this double-degree programme (CEMS MIM and a Masters degree offered by one of the graduate schools). To apply for the double degree programme, you must be enrolled in one of these graduate schools.

For detail, please see CEMS website.

How can I participate in the CEMS Program (Double Degree Program)?

To participate in the CEMS MIM Programme as a Keio University student, you must be enrolled in either the Graduate School of Economics or the Graduate School of Media Design(KMD).

If you are successfully enrolled in the CEMS MIM Programme at Keio, you will study at two CEMS schools outside of Japan for 1 academic year (2 semesters plus an internship). Since each semester will be spent at a different CEMS school, you will be studying abroad in at least two foreign countries (At least one of the two terms must be spent in Europe). You must also experience an internship abroad in one of the countries where the CEMS schools are located.

After completing this one-year curriculum for CEMS study as well as the required curriculum set by the graduate school in which you are enrolled, you will receive a CEMS MIM degree and a Master's degree from Keio University.

For detail, please see "CEMS MIM Programme(For Keio Students)".