KMD facilities are designed to fuel students’ creativity and to inspire them to put it into practice.

Hacking Studio

The Hacking Studio is an integrated “Build to Think” space for discussions and brainstorming sessions. It is also a rapid prototyping environment with soldering stations, printed circuit board milling, lumber cutting, and metalworking equipment. Students use 3D printers and laser cutters to do “Tinkering” and rapid prototyping, which accelerates the design process.

Project Room

Both Master ’s and Doctoral students come together to collaborate in the large Project Room, which is designed to allow flexibility in use by a particular project or class. Smaller discussion rooms are also available for break-out sessions.

Network Studio

Broad experimentation and development using cutting-edge technology, such as high-speed networks and server and 3D and super-high definition video editing takes place in the Network Studio.

Media Studio

In the professionally equipped multi-purpose Media Studio, students engage in a wide range of creative activities from producing musical performances to directing and filming videos. A mixing booth is available to students in certain courses that can be used for recording and mixing music, chroma key video editing, and motion data recording using motion capture, among other uses.



There are two large classrooms at KMD; a small theater-style lecture hall and a large multipurpose room. The large room, furnished with movable tables and white boards, is designed for workshop and participatory classes. Each is equipped with four projectors and screens as well as two Polycom cameras for remote meetings and collaborations.

Collaboration Complex

KMD is located in the Collaboration Complex on Keio University’s Hiyoshi Campus, a one-minute walk from Hiyoshi Station on the Tokyu Toyoko Line. The building contains a cafe, pub, restaurant, convenience store, medical clinic, pharmacy, fitness club, childcare facility, hall, and several multi-purpose rooms.


At KMD, we make recordings of all classes and saves these in our teaching materials archive. This allows you to watch what was taught in class when the videos become available online after the class is given, making it possible for students to take courses from remote locations or review classes from home.