Master’s Program

Courses for masters program

KMD fosters creative leaders who both contributes to the creative society and academic field through practical activities.
All new students at KMD participate in the “Crash Course”, a program at which students work to eliminate preconceived ideas and begin to absorb the culture of KMD. Practical, wide-ranging lectures provide students with the basic skills they need as media innovators. This training utilizes KMD’s original educational approach. The key emphasis at KMD is on “Real Projects”. They involve participants from industry, governmeant, and academia who collaborate to achieve results beyond the capacity of any one individual. Through their deep commitment to these Real Projects, students improve their skills and capabilities as media innovators.
For Master’s students enrolling in KMD in April, the required subjects are offered in Japanese. For Master’s students enrolling in September, the required subjects are offered in English. As all students are expected to fully participate in discussions and projects, each student’s language abilities must be carefully assessed to ensure placement in the most appropriate semester of enrollment.

* Introductory subjects are offered in English in the Fall semester and Japanese in the Spring Semester.

Crash Course

Crash Course is an introductory intensive camp for all new intake students that is offered in the Spring and Fall Semesters. Considered to be a highlight of the KMD experience, Crash Course helps new students to discard their preconceived notions and begin to see the new world they will help to create.

Plenary Meetings

Students present their project process and results in plenary meetings held each semester. These meetings provide an opportunity for the students to formally present their work, a valuable experience in itself. Plenary meetings play an important role at KMD for intellectual discussion and sharing. Presentations are made in English or Japanese. Simultaneous translation is provided to students who cannot understand Japanese.

Public Presentation

Students make Public Presentations as part of their Master’s program require- ments. Because KMD accepts reports on Real Projects, including hypotheses as theses, it is also important for students to provide detailed reports on the know- how they obtained through participation in KMD Real Projects.

Innovation Pipeline

Learning “survival” literacies at KMD from lectures. Mastering practical skills in workshops and creating innovative prototype throughout team collaboration.


Media Design Research

Studens receive thesis guidance to facilitate the academic contribution by summarizing the content of their activities in Real Projects into Master’s thesis .


Theory/ Strategy Subjects

Courses relating to leading research. A variety of courses combined lecture,discussion, and workshops.