Message from Dean


Welcome to the Graduate School of Media Design
ーInnovate through disruptive creativity

The mission of Keio University Graduate school of Media Design (KMD) is to develop media innovators who have the ability to innovate on their own to create social value. Media innovators who are able to go beyond specific disciplines and national borders and be active on the global stage will be the leaders in the creative society of the 21st century.

Prof. Masa INAKAGE
Dean, Keio University Graduate School of Media Design

The creative society accelerates

The greatest changes to existing social systems since the industrial revolution are occurring now in the 21st century. People are venturing beyond the confines of the state and industry to engage on a broader scale, and likewise, universities are collaborating across disciplines and national borders. Creativity is essential if we are to capitalize on these rapid changes to build a new society. This entails activities that transform key frameworks for economic and other social activities. In a word, it’s innovation. Rather than taking the conventional problemsolving approach, research and education at KMD uses innovation to propose new value to society and to create new markets.

At KMD, we utilize a wide range of techniques for disruptive innovation to iteratively develop and prototype original ideas, a process we refer to as “MAKE.” However, this is just the first step. We also conduct research and then deliver our prototypes to society in the stage we call “DEPLOY.” After deployment, we conduct more research on actual implementation and on the social “IMPACT” of the outcome. The entire process is supported by disruptive creativity, which views objects and phenomena from a wide range of perspectives, develops new ideas, expressions, and processes from zero, and conveys unique social value.

Seeking social impact

The focus of KMD activities is on innovating out of zero, bringing those innovations to market, and creating social impact. We call this the “Real Project.” In addition to contributing to academic inquiry, our objective is to impact the global creative society by developing new products, services and businesses, formulating new standards, and recommending changes to systems and institutions. In the Real Project, our aims are to foster innovation and to train transnational minds to understand how to facilitate collaboration among regions, identify relevant global commonalities, and adapt their ideas and products to local tastes and needs. Our teams bring together a diverse range of specialties and cultural values so that students have the opportunity to learn and gain practical experience in 21st century-style leadership that will allow them to maximize their potential.

Global leaders are inter-culturally competent

In our globalized society, we use the term inter-culturally competent to refer to a person who understands the unique cultural and economic value of a region, respects the differences among regions, and is able to go beyond the framework of his or her own discipline to collaborate. To provide opportunities for our students to become more inter-culturally competent, KMD has established a number of locations that it operates on its own or in partnership with institutions in Japan and overseas, and also collaborates on numerous projects with its international partners.