Kenji Itoso, a Third Year PhD Student at KMD, Has Produced Animation of the Embassy of Finland’s Official Mascot Character, FINTAN


As part of the festivities to commemorate the Finland’s 100th anniversary of independence in 2017 and the 100th anniversary of Finland and Japan’s amicable relations in 2019, the series of animation were produced based on submitted works from a public call in both Finland and Japan. Kenji Itoso, a third year PhD student at KMD produced these animations acting as executive director, producer and character designer.

Combining the distinctive characteristics of Finland with voice actors popular among young people, the animations were not only used by the Finnish Embassy, but have become beloved by both countries, and will be an opportunity for people throughout the world to discover the wonderful country, Finland.

At an anniversary event held in February, 2017 at the Embassy of Finland, Itoso said, “I would be overjoyed to see these animated works be an opportunity for people to understand the enchantment of both Finland and Japan, and for them to become a starting point for greater mutual interest between our countries.”

Episode 1 and 2 of the animated shorts have already been released with the third episode coming soon within the year.

View the animations through the links below.

Episode 1 “Unique world championships!”

Episode 2 “Encounter under the Cherry Trees”