Embodied Media

Embodied Media

Prototyping the future by integrating our sensibility and innovative technologies.

The Embodied Media Project aims to create future media technology that records, shares, enhances, and even creates the kind of experiences that we have through our bodies. Seeing, Hearing, and Touching; by studying and designing embodied informatics in human interaction, we create embodied experiences that entertain, enchant, and empower us.


– Augment human ability temporally and spatially using information technologies

– Design “reality” by controlling human perception

– Develop interaction techniques that connects human and information environment freely


Kouta Minamizawa

Sponsors & Partners

JST CREST / ERATO, JSPS, SCOPE, Digital Content Association of Japan, Microsoft Research Asia, Kyokko Inc., Nippon Mektron Ltd, Toppan Printing Co. Ltd., Car companies, YCAM, National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan) and others.


  1. 1. Living Lab Tokyo

    Living Lab Tokyo aims to create a space for researchers to collaborate with users, to create new innovations, utilizing new technologies and products. With our concept of Soft Computing, our research focuses on different interaction settings, starting from the fundamentals of soft object measurement.

  2. 2. TECHTILE toolkit

    TECHTILE toolkit is a rapid prototyping device for designing haptic feeling, which enables record, edit, and playback and even to share haptic feeling easily everywhere via Internet.
    *Good Design Award / Laval Virtual 2012 PRIX Emerging Technologies

  3. 3. Transparent Prius

    “Transparent Prius” is an in-vehicle visual assistance system, that allows the driver to ”see through” the backseat and observe the rear blind zone.
    *Digital Contents Expo 2012 Innovative technologies Special Award

  4. 4. TELESAR V

    “TELESAR V” enables a user to bind with a dexterous robot and have a real-time sensation of being somewhere else, and feel the robot’s body through visual, auditory and haptic sensation.
    *IROS 2012 Best Application Paper Finalist & Best Student Paper Finalist