Policy Project

Policy Project

Leverage design, technology, and management capacities to formulate policies.

 Collaborative project with industry, government, and academia to build a new information society. Leverage design, technology, and management capacities to formulate policies. Conducted in collaboration with approximately 1000 companies involved in technology development, business creation, digital content production, and policy formulation.


Ichiya Nakamura / Nanako Ishido


  1. ○ Pop & Tech Special Zone “CiP”

      “CiP, Contents Information Project” to create a special zone concentrated on the digital content industry in Takeshiba, Minami-ku—The Pop & Tech Special Zone CiP. With the establishment of the incorporated association “CiP, Contents Information Program,” progress is being made toward the “town opening” in 2020.
     60 companies and organizations from a broad range of sectors such as communications, broadcasting, IT, music, animation, computer games, entertainment, advertising, commerce, venture capital [VC], and schools, participate in collaboration with a number of government bodies including the Cabinet Secretariat, Cabinet Office, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, and Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
     Area accredited as a National Strategic Special Zone by the Prime Minister of Japan, and is being developed as a “testbed.” The Artist Commons, digital signage experiments, and projects such as the Global Otaku Research Institute (provisional name) are already up and running.
     CiP fund is to be launched as a pillar to support entrepreneurship. Enhance entrepreneurial support and business-matching initiatives in conjunction with promoting a scheme for “transcending school boundaries” by inviting a satellite office from “i-University,” etc.
     Strengthen collaboration with towns in Kyoto, Fukuoka, Okinawa, etc., and with overseas institutions including Stanford University, the University of London, the Malaysian Imagineering Institute, and the Korea Creative Content Agency.

  2. ○ Global Otaku Research Institute

     The Global Otaku Research Institute to be established by CiP in collaboration with the International Otaku Expo Association (IOEA). Create a headquarters for international researchers who are prime movers behind Otaku events held around the world.

  3. ○Artist Commons

     Working with the music industry on the “Artist Commons” Project, which provides artists with a unique ID that allows them to more easily deploy information for digital content, merchandise, live performances, etc.

  4. ○ Anime and Manga Business

     Cooperating with the “Anime Business Partners Forum” of the Association of Japanese Animations (AJA). Roll out forum throughout CiP and advance business matching in the field of publishing.

  5. ○ e-Sports

     New e-sports organization established through the merger of three bodies including the Japan e-Sports Association for which KMD Professor Ichiya Nakamura served as a director. Industrialization of e-sports in Japan to be bolstered through these activities.

  6. ○ Superhuman Sports

     “Superhuman Sports” project develops new sports that fuse the body with technology, integrating humans and machines. Development and dissemination of new sports in advance of a world championship of superhuman sports in 2020.

  7. ○ Kyoto International Firm and Art Festival

     Event for “film, art, and everything else.” Participatory events unlike any other festival held throughout the city of Kyoto under the direction of the executive committee chaired by Professor Nakamura. Deepening collaboration with its predecessor event, the Okinawa International Movie Festival.

  8. ○ Digital Signage

     Ten years have passed since the “Digital Signage Consortium” was established and the first “Digital Signage Japan” exhibition was held. The introduction and maintenance of multilingual, disaster prevention, and hospitality signage is earmarked as a national issue, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications is continuing to develop policy using the platform provided by the 2020 ICT forum. CiT will help in promoting this.

  9. ○ 4K8K Public Viewing

     Promoting the development of facilities for the public viewing of ultra-high definition videos including 4K/8K with companies such as NHK, NTT, NTV, SKY Perfect JSAT, and Sony through the “Next Generation Contents Distribution Forum (NexCDi-F).”

  10. ○ IPDC / Smart Broadcasting

     Development of an IP Data Casting (IPDC) service that sends communication technology IPs through broadcasting signals. Advancing media conversion experiments at the CiP special zone together with the “Internet Protocol Data Cast Forum” for which Professor Nakamura serves as a representative.

  11. ○ Open Data

     Advancing policies to handle open data. Striving to increase public awareness and dissemination of open data in cooperation with VLED (General Incorporated Association Vitalizing Local Economy Organization by Open Data & Big Data).

  12. ○ Data Distribution

     Participate in the “Data Trading Alliance” that was established as an incorporated association to promote the provision and use of data, including the formation of a data trading market. This will be advanced by CiT through its public and private partnerships. Promoted in conjunction with Open Data.

  13. ○ Sharing Economy

     Instigated a certification system for the sharing economy based on the deliberations of the Cabinet Secretariat, Information Technology Policy Office’s review meetings. Participation in and strengthening of the certification committee of the Sharing Economy Association Japan (SEAJ).

  14. ○ Internet Flaming

     Project developing measures against internet flaming. Manage the incorporated association “New Media Risk Association,” and promote activities including raising awareness through education and case studies.

  15. ○ Digital Kids

     Promote activities nurturing children’s creativity and powers of expression. Teaming up with the NPO “Canvas,” workshops are planned and implemented across Japan and overseas, in particular one of the largest creative events in the world for children the “Workshop Collection.”
     Will also continue to create and sell digital picture books and host the “Digital Children’s Book Fair.”

  16.  Expand the “Computer Science for ALL” platform in response to the government’s decision to make education in computer programming compulsory in schools.

  17.  Realized the systematization of digital textbooks. Will continue to promote the increased use of information technology in education hereto advanced through the “Association of Digital Textbook & Teaching,” as well as streamlining the processing of copyrights for teaching materials.

  18.  The advent of new youth internet safety policies means that safety countermeasures are changing. Plan to expand literacy education through the “Japan Internet Safety Promotion Association (JISPA).”

  19.  Advance the consolidation of learning environments across generations from early childhood to higher and recurrent education, the promotion of advanced technology use in education, design of learning environments, and the fostering of IT and AI human resources sought by industry using the platform of “Learning of Tomorrow,” an association established to promote the integration of education and new technologies.