Superhuman Sports

Superhuman Sports

Superhuman Sports are re-innovating the sports by the cutting edge technologies.
Based on the Transhumanism, to enforce and enhance the human ability, humans obtain super power to beyond the human capacity and also beyond the border between the age and the disabilities. In this way, create the new sports that Superhumans control the technology freely to compete each other like the human and the machine unified. To realize the Superhuman Sports, we are working on not only developing the new technology, training the player and foster the community, but designing, the role of new sports, creating sports which adapt to the new era in order to expand the sports.


Ichiya Nakamura / Masahiko Inami / Kouta Minamizawa / Kai Kunze


  1. 1 Superman Sports Hackason

    In order to grow and develop super sports sports, we need to make a community individuals can be active as creators by expanding activities, making augment sports that applied technologies and cultures, while cultivating the soil where people practice everyday. Therefore, in the Superman Sports Project, we call the work, which expands and creates sports, “sports creation”, and we are also designing workshops for sports creation based on Hackason style.

  2. 2 “Iwate superhuman sports project”

    In the superhuman sports project, we are implementing “Iwate superhuman sports project” to promote the creation of local “superhuman sports” rooted in the area with Iwate prefecture.
    In this project, we believe that it is possible to develop the sports unique to the land local festivals and local cuisine, and we designed a platform where people with various backgrounds can challenge sports creation while collaboration.
    There is great potential in that indigenous culture and legends, local industry, traditional crafts are connected with sports, and they are expanded by the hands of citizens.
    In addition to high-end technology, we realized the sports brought about by Civic Technology, the community’s creative community.

  3. 3 Superman Sports Games

    In Superman Sports Games, we have advanced one step from the development and announcement of superhuman sports games by superhuman sports Hackathon or Superman Sports EXPO etc., As an evolution to the stage where you can compete as a sport, we are promoting the practice of superhuman sports based on tournament battle.