Superhuman Sports

Superhuman Sports

Superhuman Sports are re-innovating the sports by the cutting edge technologies.

Superhuman Sports seek to “overcome human constraints” and break down the barriers that exist between different age groups and between the able-bodied and persons with disabilities. Superhuman sports exploit human augmentation, using technology to surpass the physical and cognitive restrictions of our bodies and enabling superhuman senses and abilities. The core concepts of superhuman sports include augmenting the body, playing field, training opportunities, and even spectators.

Additionally, we are not only developing the sports themselves, but we are also training Superhuman Sports “creators” who can conceive and design these new types of sports. We also foster the community for Superhuman Sports to expand the reach and appeal to the public at large.


Ichiya Nakamura / Masahiko Inami / Kouta Minamizawa / Kai Kunze

Ongoing Initiatives

  1. 1 Superhuman Sports Hackathons

    The nurturing of a community of individuals who can be active as creators is imperative to the development and evolution of Superhuman Sports. This is achieved by expanding the scope of activities, creating augmented sports that leverage technologies and cultural spheres, and metaphorically cultivating the soil where the sports will be practiced in everyday life. Initiatives to expand and create sports within the Superman Sports Project are consequently referred to as “Sports Creation.” At the same time we plan and roll out workshops and activities for sports creation based on the Hackathon style.

  2. 2 “Iwate Superhuman Sports Project”

    One front of our on the ground activities is implementing the “Iwate Superhuman Sports Project” to promote the creation of local Superhuman Sports rooted in communities within Iwate Prefecture. We believe this project will facilitate the development of sports unique to particular localities, in the manner of local festivals and cuisine.
    There is great potential in tying in indigenous culture, folklore, local industry, and traditional crafts with sports, and such potential will be developed by the efforts and interventions of community residents. Both high-end technologies and “civic technology” have contributed to the realization of sports and regional creative communities. We thus created this platform whereby people from various backgrounds can collaborate with us in engaging with the challenge of sports creation.

  3. 3 Superman Sports Games

    The Superhuman Sports Games represent an evolution from the development and announcement of superhuman sports games at events such as the Hackathons and the Superman Sports EXPO to a stage whereby you can actively compete in these sports. We are promoting these tournament-style competitions to put superhuman sports into practice.