design to evolve.

With roots in techno-progressivism, SAMCARA explores the potential of technology, design-thinking, product design, and design as linguistics to advance communities. Our mandate is to research, discover, explore ways to communicate that transcend social, political, and cultural borders. Through collaboration and innovative production methods, our project also aims to create the design processes that seamlessly integrate circular design principles for a better and more sustainable culture.

Linguistics are the basis for much of the research, including the relationship of language to culture, design as a visual language, and expanding to form and motion as well. For example: fashion and style conveys massive amounts of information about people and places yet has very little academic research on the design process and trends.

SAMCARA see the future in new emergent technologies for design and manufacture that include genetic engineering and material science. We will seek to partner with scientists and technologists to create new design processes that are media and technology agnostic.


Matthew Waldman


  1. 1 Exploration of visual language and impact on social issues

  2. 2 Design for cultural evolution and fostering innovation

  3. 3 Innovative “language instruction” design

  4. 4 International Bio Design Challenge

  5. 5 Product development for corporate partners